Can You Find Adventure In Chandler, Arizona?

The world is a big place. Heck, even the United States is massive. But, when you don’t do your research, you never find the most interesting places. They could even be in your backyard. Interestingly enough, Chandler, Arizona has more to it than initially meets the eye. The whole Valley in Arizona has a lot to offer in the form of off-roading trails, hiking, and more. Let’s get into it.

First off, hiking is huge in Arizona. If you come in the summer, make sure to hike later in the day or early in the morning. The triple digit temperatures are brutal during the middle of the day. However, it beats the cold, so that’s why we love it. Next, trails. There are tons of them. Out in southern Chandler that are a bunch. Dirt biking, off-roading, etc, there are many ways to go out it.

One of our favorite is mountain biking. We love downhills and Chandler offers a bunch. If you live in Chandler you can ride to them, but otherwise, you’ll need to grab a bike rack, strap your bike up, and bring it along. Farther out in Gilbert there’s a Regional Park that is awesome for exploring. You’ll have to be the one to decide what type of exploring you’re looking to do.

And that’s about it for this quick article. Check out Chandler, AZ for adventure. You’ll be happy you did.

How to Quell Traveling Anxiety

Traveling is supposed to be something that is enjoyable and fun. Yet travel anxiety is a very real reality for thousands of people. Our anxiety can bring out the very worst in us. It can cause us to have anxiety or panic attacks, to snap at others, to have a pounding heart, or to consider cancelling the trip all together just to avoid the feeling of stress.


If you suffer from anxiety every time that you travel (and the time leading up to it), you are not alone. Check out our tips, tricks and products that you can use to reduce your anxiety and feel right at home (as best you can) while traveling.

– Pack an EmWave2 Device.

The EmWave2 device by Heartmath is a great product that can help you learn how to reduce your stress. The EmWave2 was designed to help everyday people learn when they are stressed and to learn how to balance their emotional response to it. Use it in the weeks you have at home before traveling and you’ll see how effective it is!

– Create an itinerary.

An itinerary can be a great way to manage your anxiety about traveling because it helps you to feel more prepared. Some people have that recurring nightmare where they’re back in school and they haven’t studied for the test.

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Headed Out On a Road Trip? Bring a Yeti

We’ve featured many different kinds of reviews here on Lovers Adventures. One of our favorite types of gear to review are the most helpful ones, products that help save you time, energy, and really do some good for how and why you pack. We recently put together a new external resource called NASND, which features the best Yeti cooler reviews on their product line. Yeti is one of the strongest portable products out there, originally getting quite famous for their grizzly-proof design and durability.


The wife and I got our first Yeti back in 2011, it was one of the first versions of the Roadie. We used that one for almost three years, until I forgot to load it up on a camping trip one time (please don’t ask how that happened). More recently, we got one recommended for barbecues, which is portable enough for us to take on trips, but we’ve almost used it for a bunch of different parties we’ve had at the house. That’s another thing I really like about the Yeti line: many of the products are usable for different situations and purposes.

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One of the Best Survival Meals: Good Ole Rice

You know, contrary to popular belief, there was a point in my life where I didn’t travel very much. I stayed rooted in sunny California, and only took the occasional trip out of the state. Nowadays, I’m traveling at least weekly, sometimes even more for work. With some big financial savings goals, it’s important for me to keep my expenses low and my budget tight.

My survival meal go to? Simple, yummy, rice. The reason being, rice is a great source of carbs and calories, and it’s quite inexpensive to buy. I did opt for buying the best Rice Cooker on the market, since I’d be making it so often, but I’ve been using it for over two years now, so it’s paid for itself many times over. The best best brown rice cookers and white ones don’t really differ much, besides on settings. I’d recommend checking out the Zojirushi rice steamer features, so you understand what I mean when I talk about different options.

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How to Choose a Sexy Toyota Tacoma Roof Rack

This post was put together by Steve Mathias. He writes for Adventure Consortium and puts together all of their roof rack reviews. Check them out for a more detailed analysis on their homepage.

Not only do you want your cargo storage solution to be organized, durable, and nearly indestructible, you want it to look good on top of your truck. As far as I’m concerned, one of the best looking and fantastically strong options is the Tacoma Roof Rack by Front Runner Vehicle Outfitters. They’ve really put a lot of time and effort into producing one of the better products on the market.

Based out of Agoura Hills, CA, the team behind this line of rugged off-road vehicle accessories has long been the industry leader. Their sponsorship of many events, and intense planning and craftsmanship of their items, makes them a great choice when shopping for off-roach vehicle accessories.

Their particular rack is made out of light-weight, ultra strong aluminum, that makes it both lighter and stronger, build for rugged off-road use. It offers (by far) the best weight to strength ratio of any product on the market today, making it a top choice for some of the most skilled of adventurers.

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3 Easy Choices for Camping in Style

This post is brought to you by, the top resource for the #1 metal detector reviews, as well as the most expensive beach detector reviewsBoomer’s Best Metal Detecting Resource is also featured over on their Best Metal Detectors on profile.

A major part of the off-road, adventure lifestyle is camping. Depending on the duration of your trip, you’ll have certain supplies and prepared plans at your disposal. You may not need yacon syrup, but, of course, a tent is the traditional option for staying inside of, but I’d like to cover a few others that are possible options for when you’re out camping.

This is definitely something to think about before you get out there. One of our biggest tips on always enjoying your adventure to the fullest is preparing and planning. Those two Ps are imperative; they’ll allow you to have the most fun once you’re out on your trip because you won’t be worried about what could happen. You’ll be prepared and you’ll have your supplies.

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How to Learn to Drive Safely Off-Road

This post was contributed by Larry over at Their website has also been listed on within the maps section. Their company is worth a look.

I know when I first wanted to start off-roading, I was pretty nervous about getting accustomed to all of the bumps, hills, mounds, and not to mention encountering water. No one wants to be that guy who gets his truck stuck in the mud, or even the lake for that matter, so it’s important to understand how to learn to drive off-road.

Now, this doesn’t mean driving like an old person, it means driving intelligently and with a few rules in mind. There are plenty of times to punch it, get a little loose, and even get a little reckless, but here are some big rules on when to have a little fun, and when to rope it back in and play it safe.

First, please always keep in mind how high off the ground you are. Hills and cliffs are some of the worst places to do anything dangerous. Keep in mind where you are and where the biggest cliffs are. Hills are fun, and make for some awesome experiences, but keeping yourself closer to the ground is the key to not having anything catastrophic happen.

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Preparing & Organizing Before you Leave

Editor’s Note: One of the best pieces of equipment for prepping and organizing your stuff is a roof rack. Suresh has a great guide on Jeep JK racks, if you’re looking to pick one up. Otherwise, hit up your local authorized dealer.

Adventuring is a blast, whether you’re going camping, to the beach, hiking, or off-roading, preparation is key. It’s one of the oldest survival tips in the book, mainly because you have time before you leave to prep, prepare, and plan, three of the most important Ps when it comes to a safe adventure.

The first thing I always do when preparing for a new trip is to creatively think of unique pieces of equipment that I’m going to need. If I’m going rock climbing, I plan out all of the gear I’m going to need, maybe an emergency kit, since it’s going to be a little higher risk, and so forth.

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